The Irish Oak Tree

Strength, Truth, Courage, & Wisdom

The Irish Oak Tree, also known as the Sessile Oak (Quercus Petraea), Cornish Oak, and Durmast Oak is native to Europe. Symbolically, the Irish Oak represents truth, courage, strength, and wisdom. In therapy these qualities are some of the essential pieces that play a role in the healing process. Irish Oak trees have a life of 500 to 1000 years, which also symbolizes stability, endurance, longevity, and power. The oak tree is considered to rule the month of July in the calendar, ruling planets are Jupiter and Mars, ruling element is water, ruling season is summer, and ruling zodiac signs are Cancer and Leo. Each of these aspects further adds to the symbolism of the Irish Oak and to the practice, Irish Oak Wellness.  


Green & Mauve

Colours of Growth & Inspiration

Irish Oak Wellness expresses itself through the colours of forest green and mauve. Forest green symbolizes growth, fresh beginings, stability, and endurance. On the other hand, mauve symbolizes inspiration, artistic expression, and original thoughts. 

Irish Oak Wellness practices through a holisitic model that encourages individual uniqueness and supports clients through creative methods. The practice is committed to supporting client growth by helping them develop stability in their lives.    


Irish to Irish Oak

Two Names, One Meaning

Irish Oak Wellness came about as the practice owner, Irish was hoping to name the practice using symbolic meaning. Irish values and appreciates symbols as they speak a creative language of their own. Irish Oak is connected to Irish, not only through a common name, but also through the symbolic meanings shared on this page. Irish Oak Wellness represents the calmness of a quiet forest, that holds itself together through connection and wisdom.   



Connecting With Our True Selves

Irish Oak Wellness represents the authenticity of nature, trusting in the natural cycles of life itself. Nature plays a crucial role in the holistic model, the connection between mind-body-sprit is enhanced through connection with nature.